“Super Size Me” Star Hit With Contract Breach Suit

March 29, 2018 Media 0 Comments

Los Angeles Daily Journal, March 29, 2018


Attorneys Say References In Complaint To Documentarian Morgan Spurlock’s Admitted Sexual Misconduct Are Strategic

Four months after documentarian Morgan Spurlock confessed to sexual misconduct and resigned from his own company, a media company that partnered with him to produce a series about women’s issues claims he’s breached his agreement.

Glen A. Rothstein, of Rothstein Law APC, said the numerous references throughout the lawsuit to Spurlock’s “confession” take on a new light when paired with Turner’s repeated unanswered demands for restitution. “They repetitively allege they sent letter after letter and there’s been no response. I think part of their strategy is by including allegations of sexual misconduct and alcoholism and other things, they’re hoping to spur a response and get their money back, since that will stop the news cycle and this thing would go away pretty quickly,” said Rothstein, who is not involved in the case.

The positive publicity of positioning themselves against an admitted sexual harasser also gives Turner “atmospheric leverage” that could force a settlement, Rothstein said.

“At this stage of the litigation, they don’t lose anything by putting those allegations in there,” Rothstein said.

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