NBA Backs Free Speech But Likely To Tiptoe With China

October 10, 2019 Media 0 Comments

Law 360, October 10, 2019

“The Chinese government, by circling the wagons and taking drastic responsive measures ostensibly casting doubt on the future of the NBA in China, nevertheless wanted to make a strong, unequivocal statement to Adam Silver, the league in general and tangentially other companies doing business in China that the price for voicing support of Hong Kong will be denial of access to the Chinese marketplace itself and all the corporate riches that may inure,“ said sports and entertainment attorney Glen A. Rothstein of Rothstein Law APC. “Adam Silver was kind of put in a situation where he had a Hobson’s choice,” Rothstein said. “I think Silver really had to make a mental calculus whether to alienate American fans by intruding upon an executive’s right to exercise freedom of speech versus alienating foreign fans and governments by trying to stifle or sugarcoat what Morey said.”



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